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Laughter League, under the name New York Goofs, presents large-scale theatrical presentations, which take the audience on a journey through the Golden Age of Comedy by combining the dazzling daring of Cirque du Soleil with the madcap mirth of Saturday Night Live.

featuring a talented ensemble of musicians, comedians, magicians, singers and cirque artists. Our shows have been performed around the world, from China to the Middle East – and even in Paris, Texas.

In 2018, we debuted The Petite Palace, our intimate show which was presented in a 150-seat circus tent. This show will return in the fall of 2019, with opportunities for corporate performances as well as a special school show performance for field trips. Additionally, we presented a new work, Where Do I Sit, at the FIT Festival of New Theatre works in Dallas as well as the ninth annual Slappy’s Holiday Circus at Galleria Dallas.

Shows have taken place at: Lincoln Center, Levitt Pavilion, Lone Star Circus, Carnegie Hall, Boy Scouts of America, Pocket Sandwich Theater, and AEMI Festival Shanghai. Follow us on social media or join our newsletter list to find out about upcoming performances!

petite palace

Big fun in a tiny tent.

For the second time in North Texas, Laughter League and The Petite Palace are coming together to create an eclectic tent show that takes audiences on an unparalleled journey that combines the dazzling, daring aura of Cirque du Soleil with the madcap mirth of Saturday Night Live.

October 17 - November 3, 2019
Bath House Cultural Center

slappy’s holiday circus