Maymester at University of North Texas: $50 DEPOSIT

Maymester at University of North Texas: $50 DEPOSIT



General Tuition: $450 // Current UNT Student Tuition: $200​

As always, our focus is on creating your clown character and discovering how to begin developing material and finding your comic voice. This session also includes clown history, makeup and circus skills class. Classes are held daily from 10am til 5:00pm, with a performance for family and friends on the final day.


Additionally, with the continued growth of Medical Clowning world-wide, we would like to offer coursework that deals with the specific nature of humor in healing. It’s important to remember that good hospital clowning starts with good clowning, and that is of utmost importance. So while our overall goals are committed to all areas of clowning, we plan to focus some of our classwork specifically on the hospital work.

If you are wondering if Goof School is right for you, let us break it down a bit. Our goal is to help students create and further develop their clowning through character, working from the inside out. Tools we use are improvisation, movement, clowning, circus skills, classic routines and eccentric dance. Students often say that Goof School is as much a journey of self-discovery as of clowning, so if you are ready to find out who you are as a clown and how to take a big step into the clown world, you won't want to miss our school.

​Space is limited so reserve your spot today! All payments are due prior to first day of class.

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