Medical Clowning

It’s hard to describe what a day spent in a pediatric hospital is like… There are so many emotions that color each day. There’s not a single person walking the halls there who doesn’t need a laugh. Our job as clowns is to inject humor and levity into every possible situation for the entire day. Sometimes, this is a no brainer, particularly when you encounter a kid who is ready to laugh. But there are plenty of times when a simple smile elicited from a very sick young child is monumental. Today I peered into the window of a room where a young girl – about 5 years old – was tucked into the covers and looked very sick and had a deep sadness in her eyes. At first, my partner and I only made eye contact with her. After a few minutes of building our relationship with her through very simple concertina music and a few bubbles, she sat up in her bed. Her eyes began to dance around the room, popping bubbles and swaying a little to the music. She suddenly became vibrant despite her feverishness. We slowly concluded our visit, and as we backed out of the room she settled back into the exact same position she had been in when we first saw her. This time, though, she had a clown nose on, a little smile and a dreamy look on her face that said – I feel better. Thanks.

Can’t buy that at the store. I love my job.

Maggie KennedyOutreach